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Additional information about Membership Benefits

We look forward to your participation in the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters!


Voting Member
An individual is eligible for membership who has a minimum of four (4) years claims adjusting experience representing an insurance carrier and derives the major part of his/her income from the handling, adjusting, supervision or investigation of claims for or on behalf of insurance adjusters, insurance companies or self-insureds. This allows one (1) vote per voting membership. Paper or Electronic voting methods may be utilized to approve a member.


Non-voting Member
Any individual who does not meet the Voting Member qualifications pursuant to immediately above may be eligible to become a Non-Voting Member. Any new applicant for Non-Voting Membership will become a Non-Voting Member immediately upon submission of his/her application and dues. All Non-Voting Members may apply to be a Voting Member in the Corporation by requesting voting membership standing and meeting voting membership criteria. 


Business Member
Adjusting firms, executives of insurance companies or firms, and individuals or firms associated with the claims handling business can apply for a Business Membership in the Corporation. Business Members do not have voting privileges.
The NACA membership is from July 1 to June 30 each year.